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  • Weintek 2011 Brochure
    2011 Brochure of the brand new HMI Series is now ready for our beloved users. There are 5 main topics: Products, Hardware, Software, Application Features and Quality, perfectly designed for ease of reference.
    The main concept is to include the latest products and features with a simple and clear visual design. It not only brings users full information about i series and X series HMI, the new WT Series HMI are also included.
  • Horner releases new SmartBlock I/O modules
    Horner announced today the release of its new SmartBlock series of I/O modules.
    SmartBlock range covers advanced I/O modules like AC Power Monitor, Isolated Thermocouple modules, high resolution Analogue I/O or High Current Relays. All with the reliability and speed of CsCAN network (standard in the majority of OCS products). Over 10 modules are planned in the range.
  • MT8000 T series last version software release
    EasyBuilder V4.40 20110302 may be the last version software for MT8000 T Series, but users can still enjoy its numerous new features and are welcomed to have a wider and freer choice from i, X and WT Series HMI that meet the most demanding requirements.
  • Update for Fatek Simulation released
    Fatek has released an updated version (V1.0 Build 110114) of its PLC function simulation program, "Simulation".