The Company


Datamech is primarily a commercial company, founded in 2006 in Ioannina by people with a decade of experience in the field of industrial and electromechanical constructions and automation. The company operates mainly in the region of Epirus, but has successfully carried out contracts in many parts of Greece, working for both private and public entities.

Our goal is to provide high value services to our clients. We achieve that goal by means of our experience, by incorporating cutting-edge scientific and technological findings to our methods, which we continuously hold under review, constantly seeking and ensuring maximum efficiency. We work closely with leading international manufacturers for the provision of supplied materials thus ensuring our projects meet the highest quality standards that we ourselves have set forth, well above those required by law.

DataMech is able to provide integrated solutions covering all stages of project development, from preliminary financial/technical studies to after-sales service.


  • Weintek 2011 Brochure
    2011 Brochure of the brand new HMI Series is now ready for our beloved users. There are 5 main topics: Products, Hardware, Software, Application Features and Quality, perfectly designed for ease of reference.
    The main concept is to include the latest products and features with a simple and clear visual design. It not only brings users full information about i series and X series HMI, the new WT Series HMI are also included.
  • Horner releases new SmartBlock I/O modules
    Horner announced today the release of its new SmartBlock series of I/O modules.
    SmartBlock range covers advanced I/O modules like AC Power Monitor, Isolated Thermocouple modules, high resolution Analogue I/O or High Current Relays. All with the reliability and speed of CsCAN network (standard in the majority of OCS products). Over 10 modules are planned in the range.
  • MT8000 T series last version software release
    EasyBuilder V4.40 20110302 may be the last version software for MT8000 T Series, but users can still enjoy its numerous new features and are welcomed to have a wider and freer choice from i, X and WT Series HMI that meet the most demanding requirements.
  • Update for Fatek Simulation released
    Fatek has released an updated version (V1.0 Build 110114) of its PLC function simulation program, "Simulation".